Fine Free, Forever!

By Nicole Andrews on March 31st, 2022

We started the year off with a bang! As of January 1st, we no longer charge fees on items returned late.

We’re committed to reducing barriers and ensuring the library is accessible for all. Patrons will no longer be charged for returning items after their due date. Here’s more details on what that means for patrons:

Does the removal of late fees mean that any late fees currently on accounts will be wiped out?

Yes!  If you have an older extended use fees, we will waive them from your account.  Please note this is only for extended use fees and not lost or damaged item fees.

Due dates

You are still responsible for all materials borrowed under your account. You can renew your items up to 3 times for an additional 3 weeks each (some restrictions apply). Renew through your online account on, by calling us at 780-743-7800 or visiting us in person.

What happens if I do not return my item on time?

When the item is overdue, a notice will be emailed or mailed to you reminding you that an item is now late, and you need to bring it back quickly! If you don’t return your item in a reasonable amount of time we will eventually assume the item is lost and you may be charged replacement fees.

Wait times

We do not expect wait times to increase! We will continue to monitor, maintain, and balance the Library’s collection as required.