Stay Home, Read Gala

By Nicole Andrews on September 27th, 2021

The Wood Buffalo Regional Library requests the pleasure of your participation in our 2nd Annual Stay Home, Read Gala to benefit WBRL’s custom art murals!

Stay Home, Read Gala

When: Sunday, October 24th (all day long)

Where: In the comfort of your own home, wrapped in a blanket by the fire; a gathering with friends and family; at your local park; on the bus; or anywhere the pages lead you!

How: Select a book and get lost in the pages! While you’re comfortably reading at home, support the Library by donating what you would spend for an evening out.  Share your love for the Library on social media using #StayHomeRead.

Attire: Party PJs or black tie...choose your own experience!

Food & Drink: Champagne if you’re feeling fancy, or order delivery if you just can’t put down your pageturner. 

Join the conversation on our Facebook event page and let us know what you’ll be reading!

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Carla White

Carla White has called Fort McMurray home for 30 years. She is the author of Reignite Your Spark! And writer of the upcoming play Forged by Fire. As a speaker, performer, motivator for her clients and yes…an ACTUAL firefighter, she is on a mission to empower and energize others to reignite the spark within, find the funny faster and heal from life’s traumedies.

Carla brings her sassy and soulful self to ignite passion and inspiration in her comedy-meets-wellness schtick, seen in her international speaking and one woman show. She is the founder of Healing with Humour and the Sanity & Serenity Club.

Read Carla's Letter of Support

Honourary Chairs: 

Dawn Booth

Dawn Booth is a community journalist, communications expert, storyteller and poet. In the community, she has worked as a newspaper and magazine editor in the Wood Buffalo region for over a decade. Dawn is an ambassador for the literary arts as the President of the Northern Canada Collective Society of Writers, which publishes NorthWord Magazine, and the Literary Arts Director of Arts Council Wood Buffalo.

Stay home and read through my collection of poetry books to support one of my favourite places in the Wood Buffalo region? That’s easy! I am going to make this a fun family event and set up our living room the same way we do for movie night with tons of pillows and loads of popcorn sprinkled with candy and chocolate treats. Everyone can bring their most-loved literature and their own VIP aka stuffed toy!

Jamal-e-Fatima Rafat

Jamal-e-Fatima Rafat is beyond honoured to be one of our honourary chairs. Jamal started compiling her poems while stuck at home during the pandemic and produced a published copy by November 2020. A tea-enthusiast, found herself struggling with overwhelm and burnout only to discover herself on a journey to self-discovery through self-work and books. Books have been a solace for her and among all fiction categories, it was young fantasy that brought her back to reading and got her out of a ten-year reading slump. Now she attempts to read 20 - 25 books a year. Her poetry book "It's Past Midnight Somewhere" is at the local library to borrow and available on her website for purchase.

The introvert in me is singing at the possibility of staying home on a Sunday thanks to Wood Buffalo Regional Library and their event Stay Home, Read Gala. I have the exact book in mnd that has been on my TBR (to be read) list and is the last book in a trilogy. I can't wait to cuddle up on my bed with my favourite hot cup of liquid gold, water and an oil diffuser to immerse myself in the fantasy world this book will open for me. Join me in picking up your favourite read or checking that book off your TBR at this perfect time of the year.