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"Hi! I know there's a free public lecture coming up this week, and that Keyano and WBRL are putting on a lecture series together, but when I tried to find information online I couldn't find mentions of the series on either Keyano's or WBRL's websites. I'm worried there isn't enough marketing for the series, that it will be sparsely attended, and that Keyano will eventually decide it's not worth the effort. Maybe the library could put up more posters and add the lectures to their event page?"

Thank you for your feedback. The Keyano Lecture Series has been a great, on-going partnership (both virtually and in-person) for the last 3 years. The series itself is run by Keyano and hosted by the Library, when in-person. We regularly share the poster on our social media and include it on our printed newsletter. That is great feedback to include it on our online events, thank you.