Try An Inter-Library Loan

Have you ever wanted to read a book, gone to your library, and been disappointed that they don’t have it?

Have you ever wanted to look at microfilm of old newspapers or government records?

Have you ever wanted to get a new video game, but wanted to see if it was worth the money first?

Try an inter-library loan!

As the interlibrary loan coordinator, I reach out to libraries, universities, and governments across Canada to get our patrons materials they wouldn’t have access to otherwise. I’ve ordered video games, books, music, DVDs, Blu-rays, adapted books, audiobooks, and magazine articles for Fort McMurray residents.

Just go here and look up what you’re interested in, then request it with your library card. If you’re stuck, our fantastic reference staff can help you out. From there, just leave it to me!

Another thing I work on is getting our books back from other libraries or returning books to their proper homes. Have you ever checked out a book then gone on a trip and finished it? You can actually return it to any library in Alberta, and they’ll stick a note saying when it was returned and send it back to us! If you have friends or relatives coming from anywhere in Alberta, they can return their library books here and we’ll send them on back!

Feel free to contact the library with any questions about ordering materials from other libraries or visit our website for more information.

Chris Conroy
Circulation Services

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