The Importance of Early Literacy

We know that, fundamentally, the word literacy describes a person’s ability to read and write. We know that, in this context, the word early refers to the education of very young children. But the meaning of the term “early literacy” is more complex than the words themselves might imply. From birth, the brain is a […]

The Library – An Artist’s Paradise

Do you enjoy exploring galleries and works of art? Do you create your own artworks? Whether you’re a celebrated artist or someone who hasn’t picked up a paintbrush since middle school, art is for everyone, and the public library can be an excellent place to immerse yourself in art and artistic expression. Getting lost in […]

Changing Habits for New Year’s

January is here—the month synonymous with change! We’ve come off December with hangovers, full bellies and the need to present a ‘new me’ to the world. Perhaps you’d like to quit smoking, or you’d like to get in shape, or even learn a new language. Whatever your goal is, there is no shortage of advice […]

Furthering Your Education in Fort McMurray

With the launch of our new Exam Proctoring service, I’ve been impressed with how many people are furthering their education.  Fort McMurray has many ambitious and driven people who work, study, and still make time for their families. For many of these students, online learning offers course flexibility, boosts earning potential, have job relevance, and […]

Generosity During the Holidays

It’s the season of giving! No not presents, we mean in the broader way; giving back to your community and fellow man. But where to start? Perhaps you’d like to donate to the food bank, give your time as a volunteer for the Christmas Kettle Campaign, or become one of Fort McMurray’s own Snow Angels […]

In Case You Missed It: Elf Workshop Event Coverage

Dashing through the snow, To my favourite library, Eager to borrowA book or two or three Decorations shineCould it be Christmastime?Oh, how great it is to have a library like mine! OH! Did you know that on Saturday, December 7th, the Wood Buffalo Regional Library held its 6th annual Elf Workshop? A grand and frabjous […]

Planning a Trip with WBRL’s Free Resources

Hi lovely blog readers- Shauna here again (maybe you read my Freaky Tales from Fort McMurray post?). I’m heading to Tokyo in about a week, and I’ve been preparing for this trip intensely since… well, since I returned from my last fabulous trip to Japan in 2017, pretty much! I’ve utilized a lot of library […]

Our Favourite Winter Picture Books

Nothing captures the enchanting magic of winter more than picture books. Take a look at this top ten list of our favourite picture books for children during the chilly season. Hopefully, they can make your story time with your little ones even cozier! (Click on the covers to take you to the item page in […]

The Monarchy of Canada

It’s easy to forget how evident the monarchy is in our daily lives. Our money bears the Queen’s portrait, our laws have to go through the Governor-General for Royal Assent, and passports are issued in the name of the Queen. Every session of Parliament is opened with the Speech from the Throne, where the Governor-General […]

Indigenous War Heroes

During the First and Second World Wars, in particular, First Nations reserves in Canada witnessed many of their young men and women making sacrifices in order to contribute to the war effort. However, due to political turmoil, systematic racism and the secrecy of classified missions many Canadian Indigenous war heroes remain unrecognized for their sacrifices. […]

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