If you have a current membership in good standing with the Wood Buffalo Regional Library, sign up to use your card at any participating library in Alberta.

Simply login to www.melibraries.ca with your library card and pin number, and pick the libraries you’d like to borrow from. The site checks your personal information to make sure it’s accurate and automatically registers you with the other libraries you have picked. After you’ve registered, you’ll be able to use your own library card to borrow physical items from the other libraries just like a local cardholder. * eBooks and other electronic content are not included due to licensing restrictions.

To use the ME Libraries service, Wood Buffalo Regional Library cardholders must:

  • Be in good standing
  • Be over the age of 18 (younger cardholders can register in-person at libraries you want to borrow from, accompanied by a parent/guardian)
  • Have registered your name, email, and complete mailing address with your library


  • Visit one of the libraries that you picked to borrow from and choose some items
  • Present your Wood Buffalo Regional Library card at the libraries circulation area to check out your items
  • Return the items to any library in the province and they will send them back, free of charge!

Things to remember:

  • Your borrowing information can only be viewed through the other library’s website (items you borrow from another library won’t show up on your Wood Buffalo account)
  • You must follow the other library’s borrowing policies, including paying fees for late returns
  • You will only be able to borrow physical items; Digital content (including eBooks) have licensing restrictions that limit access to only local cardholders
  • Academic libraries are not yet part of the ME Libraries service but can be accessed by your TAL card
  • Interlibrary loans can only be requested at your home library


What's the difference between a ME account and TAL card?
TAL cards must be obtained in person from your home library. In addition, a staff member at a non-Wood Buffalo Regional Library must manually create an account for you the first time you visit and you are limited to 5 books. If you are visiting a university or college library, you must use a TAL card (the ME service is only available for public libraries).

ME accounts are associated with your current library card, and you can sign yourself up online for a ME account at any participating library - either before you visit or on the spot while you're there. (Younger cardholders must still be signed up by a staff member, with the permission of a parent or guardian.) You can also borrow the same formats and number of physical items as a local patron.

Are there different physical cards for ME and WBRL itself?
No - your WBRL library card functions as both, so you don't have to carry around more than one card.

Can I still use my TAL Card?
Yes. University and college libraries are not part of the ME initiative, so you will use your TAL Card at those libraries.

When I sign up at one library, will all libraries have a ME account for me?
No. On the ME website, you must specify which libraries you want your account information sent to (for privacy reasons, it will not automatically be sent to all of them).

Where do I go to see items I have checked out from other libraries?
When you sign up for a ME account at a non-Wood Buffalo Regional Library, you are entered as a patron in their system. When you check out items from that library, you can log in online to view your items, renew them, see your due dates, etc. (just as a local patron would). So, for
example, if you check out items from Edmonton Public Library using a ME account, you would log into the EPL site to view those items.

How do I renew my ME account or update my account information?
You must first renew your Wood Buffalo Regional Library card at the Wood Buffalo Regional Library. Then, to renew your ME account(s), go to the ME website just as if you were registering for the first time. Your expiry date, address, and phone number will be updated at the libraries you select. Any changes to your PIN number will not be transmitted - you will need to login directly at the other library's website to change this.