As part of the service to the community, WBRL has meeting rooms available for public use. There are currently 4 spaces available to patrons for group meetings: two small, free meeting rooms, one small pre-bookable pay per use meeting room, and one pre-bookable pay per use activity room.

Types of Meetings

  1. Program and Information Meetings
  2. Informal Study Groups or Book Clubs
  3. Business Meetings

Consideration will not be given for meetings involving:

  • Rallies for political candidates
  • Collection of funds on Library property
  • Fundraising events
  • Activities likely to disturb regular patron function
  • Activities involving strong scents (WBRL is a scent aware facility)
  • Regularly scheduled courses or class meetings for credits
  • Any unlawful purpose

Free Meeting Rooms

  1. Meeting Room B (6 seated)
  2. Meeting Room C (6 seated)

Pay Per Use Rooms

  1. Meeting Room D (6 seated)
  2. Syncrude Program Activity Room

Common Spaces

  1. Quiet Conversation Lounge
  2. CNRL Teen Area