Hot Fall Releases for Cozy Days

Summer has come to an end and the cooler, shorter days are almost here. Not to worry, there are plenty of exciting, new books coming out to keep you busy!

We often order new titles up to 6 months in advance - so if you're looking for a title coming out in the coming months, give our catalogue a search and you might luck out and place the first hold request on it. Check out some of the biggest new titles hitting our shelves this fall. 

There are so many great picture books to look forward to this fall, it's hard to pick just one! Beautiful illustrations tell the story of a young boy using his art to make a change in his community:
The Artivist

Greg Heffley is back to save his school in the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid:
No Brainer

For a beautiful coming of age story about loving the skin you're in:
Barely Floating

STEM-romance author Ali Hazelwood dipped her toes into the YA waters with this fun chess romance:
Check & Mate

A family drama, surrounded by a mystery with ties to China's former one-child policy:
The Leftover Woman

BookTok and fantasy readers could not stop talking about Rebecca Yarro's fantasy debut, Fourth Wing, and the follow-up is sure to be a hit:
Iron Flame

If you're a fan of sci-fi and dolphins, superintelligent cats, and a supervillain volcano island lair catch your attention:
Starter Villain

Snow White meets Eyes Wide Shut in this modern fairy tale:

Taking a breather from her steamy Greek myth retellings, Katee Roberts takes you into the neglected world of pirate romances with her latest:
Hunt on Dark Waters

For the first time read all about Britney Spear's highly-publicized rise to fame (and the downside) in her own words:
The Woman in Me

Is there a new release this year that you haven't seen on our catalogue yet? You can suggest an item with our online form

-Nicole Andrews, Communications Coordinator