Library Card Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Wood Buffalo Regional Library (WBRL)! Here is some fine print you need to know as a new cardholder:

  1. The cardholder is responsible for all items borrowed and all charges attributed to the card. Cardholders must to report lost or stolen cards immediately to avoid unauthorized borrowing. 
  2. Due to privacy legislation, the cardholder is the only person who can designate access to their account via setting up an Associated Cardholder or entrusting their physical card to another person. Associated Cardholders can access another cardholder's account without the library card in their possession. The cardholder is responsible for all items borrowed on their card, even those checked out by an Associated Cardholder.
  3. Parents/Guardians are responsible for items borrowed and any charges on youth (12-15) & child (11 and under) accounts. For youth (16-17), Parents/Guardians are only responsible if they are listed on the account (optional).
  4. The cardholder must return items by the due date shown on the account. WBRL does not charge extended use fees for overdue items. However, if a cardholder allows an item to become overdue by 28+ days they will be charged replacement and processing fees for that item.
  5. The cardholder is responsible for returning items in the borrowed condition. The cardholder may be charged for significant damages incurred while items are in their possession.
  6. The cardholder is not permitted to borrow additional items if fees are owed for lost, damaged, or missing parts items.
  7. When applicable, WBRL may use a collection agency to recoup fees for lost or damaged items. 
  8. Adult cards do not expire if the card is active. (2 years of inactivity triggers expiry.)  Child and youth cards will expire as they age out of each category (turning 12 or turning 18). There is no fee for renewals for residents of the RMWB.
  9. A fee of $2 applies for replacement cards.
  10. Cardholders may only have one account.

Borrowing Limits & Loan Periods

Print Items (Books, Magazines) No Limits 21 Days
Media Items (Movies, Video Games) No Limits 21 Days
Kits and Fun Boxes 2 Items at a Time 21 Days
Equipment (laptops, iPads, etc) 1 Item at a Time 21 Days
MIP Go Pass 1 Item at a Time 7 Days
hoopla digital 20 Items/Month 21 Days
OverDrive/Libby 5 Items at a Time 14 Days

Some exceptions apply to standard loan periods and limits.

Many items will automatically renew up to 3 times, if another patron does not have a hold.

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