Exam Cram – Tips & Tricks

End of term exams and diplomas are just around the corner! To help teens in their exam prep, we’re dedicating the Canadian Natural Teen Area to Exam Cram. A de-stress corner, school supplies, snacks, and most importantly a space to study will be provided. Take advantage during open hours. 


Solaro - the one stop shop for student learning support.

Learning content on Solaro is age appropriate, aligned with Alberta Curriculum standards (Grades 3-12), and provides the same great Alberta specific curriculum information found in their Key and SNAP guides in an interactive format. Practice with quizzes and tests, take notes, and create flashcards!

Access through your computer or find the app in your device's app store. (To access through the app, sign up with your library credentials in a web browser first.)

You may be prompted to log in with your Library Card number and PIN when you reach the site.

Watch a video tutorial.

Studying Tips

  1. Get organized.
  2. Don't skip class!
  3. Take notes.
  4. Talk to your teacher & ask questions.
  5. Space out your studying.
  6. Create a study plan – & stick to it.
  7. Don't just re-read but study.
  8. Set up a quiet study space.
  9. Test yourself
  10. Find a study buddy

-Nicole Andrews, Communications Coordinator